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Expand you imagination and choose from our wide range of children's air drying clay. Start to build your own clay models and toys using just a few basic shapes and techniques. Try our Clay Sets to build from your own imagination or choose from one of the Series Collections and follow the step by step instructions. Mess free and suitable for all ages 3+. Happy modelling.

Children's Air Dry Modelling Clay

Create and watch your imagination come to life with JumpingCLAY the completely MESS FREE Air Drying Clay. Our highly educational, jasmine scented, soft, light and eco friendly modelling clay has a silky texture like no other.
Perfect for children's and adult's craft projects. Available in a selection of 8 bright and intermixable colours, you'll be astonished how effortlessly they can blend together, creating any texture or tone without any unwanted smearing.
NO BAKING required with JumpingCLAY. Simply leave finished pieces to air dry naturally. Your finished models will dry within 24-48 hours, perfectly formed, without any sign of cracks, crumbs, faded colours or unwanted shrinking. 
"...Oh almost forgot, if you roll a ball it bounces but don't forget you can make some models too..."
Would you like to learn more? Click HERE to discover kids clay workshops and activities available in your local area.
Happy modelling!