Family Fun - Bank Holiday Activities at Local Events

Find your local Family Fun Day - hosting our Amazing Kids Mini-Make Activities !

Got any plans with the kids this bank holiday? JumpingCLAY is hosting a huge amount of events all across the UK & Ireland - why not pop along and unleash your creative side as your local instructor guides you to create your very 1st masterpiece using our wonderful air drying modelling clay.

JumpingCLAY Family Fun at the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival


Here are just some of the events planned this weekend:

There are loads more to choose from and hopefully you will find JumpingCLAY at your local event too as we all begin to welcome in the summer as school holidays come ever closer! Happy Modelling 

JumpingCLAY the best air drying modelling clay - what will you create?

Running a Family Event? In need of something different to entertain the kids? JumpingCLAY is probably what you've been looking for!! Find out more here!