Make and Take Workshops For Your Group !

Rupert Turkington

Calling all Nurseries, Summer Schemes, Kids Holiday CAMPS and Community Groups !

Searching for a fun-packed, creative activity to entertain the kids this summer? Building a full activity schedule to fill the entire summer holidays and keep the kids entertained can be tuff. JumpingCLAY specialises in delivering 3D air drying clay workshops and is here to help as you fill your schedule. 

Kids Activity Workshop at Your Group

Community Group Workshop Designed to Suit You!

A typical Community Group workshop lasts 1 Hour. Our trained instructors will come out to your group, give the kids a crash course in making their basic shapes, colour mixing and guide them to create their very own masterpiece. As the kids follow the step-by-step instructions provided you will be amazed at what they create.

What will you Create?

Choose from our expanding portfolio of creations or give us a challenge and let us design something to fit your existing theme. We will design the perfect workshop to suit your needs and every child will get to take their creation home that day. Then they simply leave it overnight to dry and their masterpiece will last a lifetime. 

Get in Touch

If this sounds like an activity that suits your group don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear from you and discuss your perfect workshop. 

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