Another DINO Modelling Kit Joins the Collection

Delighted to announce the release of the Triceratops who is joining our family of Dinosaur DIY modelling Kits. 

The kit provides everything you need to create your very own DINO Toy. It comes complete with all the colours you need, a skeleton to mould the clay around, your 5-in-1 super duper Pinocchio tool and a step-by-step picture manually that will teach you how to do it. As an extra helping hand we have also created an online tutorial video where you can watch the triceratops being made. Check it out here:

The dinosaur collection now includes 6 different figures for you to create and play with. And don't forget, you can get all 6 at a discount in our amazing DINO bundle DEAL. 

Kit Contents

  • 2x 10g Clay Sachets (White, Brown)
  • 1x 18g Clay Sachets (Yellow)
  • 1x 5in1 Pinocchio Tool
  • 1x Plastic Skeleton
  • 1x manual