Make Mama Bear - Online Art Tutorial Workshop

Make your own toy MAMA BEAR with this extremely cute online video tutorial. 

This is an easy to follow fun tutorial that makes it easy to mix it up and make it your own. Change the colours, make your creation taller, skinnier, or add some accessories - it's your creation so you decide!! A great little craft project for all the family to get involved in. 

What You'll Need:

White, Yellow, Purple, Black, Blue, Red Clay and Super Duper Pinocchio Tool. Remember - you can use any colours you like.

 We hope you enjoy making your MAMA BEAR as much as we did.

Please Share Your Creations with us

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First Time?? 

If it is your first project we recommend getting the JumpingCLAY 8 Colour Kids Modelling Clay Set to get you started. Make sure you keep the tubs! The refill sachet bundles are the best way to get more clay and the best value for money. 

 Happy Modelling