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Create your imagination with JumpingCLAY the completely MESS FREE Air Drying Clay. Our highly educational, jasmine scented, soft, light and eco friendly modelling clay has a silky texture like no other. Perfect for children's and adults craft projects. Available in a selection of 8 bright and intermixable colours, you'll be astonished how effortlessly they can blend together, creating any texture or tone without any unwanted smearing.
Forget about sticky glue on this craft project, after you've perfected each delicate shape, watch in amazement at how gently they bond together without any need for adhesives. Save your oven for the deliciously healthy treats that they deserve as there's NO BAKING required with JumpingCLAY. Simply leave finished pieces to air dry naturally. Your finished models will dry, perfectly formed, without any sign of cracks, crumbs, faded colours or unwanted shrinkage within 24-48 hours.
Picking up the clay never ceases to shock even the most experienced crafter, captivated with its silky smooth texture you can't help but start kneading it and suddenly your hit with the sweet undertones of naturally scented jasmine herbs. Pleasing to all the senses JumpingCLAY acts as a relaxant due to it's therapeutic qualities. Parents can relax too knowing there'll be no mess or fuss when the kids, start their next craft project, reaching for JumpingCLAY on that rainy afternoon!
Safe for all children aged 3+ our patented technology includes only natural ingredients, no animal products, is gluten free and contains silver nano with anti microbial properties. Dermatologically tested it is suitable for the most sensitive and allergen prone skin. JumpingCLAY has passed all international safety tests including Q-mark, SGS, CE, Intertek, UL and has been voted most eco friendly product in over 20 countries and counting... So rest assured the little ones will be expanding their imagination with the world's safest and most advanced air drying modelling clay.


JumpingCLAY is an educational company specialising in both children's educational activity programs and air drying clay products suitable for all ages 3+. Our mission is to develop the worlds most advanced clay products and creative activities to both educate and entertain the new generations - Learn Through Play.
A family run business, JumpingCLAY was introduced to the UK market in 2009. Our head office is currently in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
JumpingCLAY hosts a range of clay activities for kids including workshops, after school clubs, birthday parties, holiday camps and much more. Click here to find activities in your local area. Click here to contact your local activity provider.


Jumping Clay Ltd
Montgomery Road
Belfast BT6 9HL
Northern Ireland

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Tel. 07919371505
Email: online@jumpingclay.co.uk

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