Clay Modelling Sets | Coloured Air Dry Clay for Kids

Total Modelling Clay Gift Set

The all inclusive Total Gift Set contains more air drying clay than any other. With 6 large refill packs and a full 8 colour clay set this will keep you entertained day after day. All together in a high quailty, quick release box helping to keep all your bits safe and tidy.

  • 8x 22g Clay Tub (white, black, red, blue, green, violet, orange, yellow)
  • 6x 50g Clay Sachet (white, black, red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 1x instruction book
  • 1x Super Duper 5-in-1 Pinocchio Tool
  • 4x Stencil (Butterfly, flower, fish, car)
  • Full Component Set (2x spring, 2x magnet, 1x keyring, 1x phone charm, 2x clips, 3x googly eyes)
  • 1x Large Carry Container

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