Creative Stocking Filler Ideas - Make Your Own Toys

Make your own Toys with our amazing Step-by-Step Modelling Kits.

Each modelling kit comes with everything that you will need to create the character on the front of the box. The included all your JumpingCLAY Coloured Air Drying Clay Sachets, a Super Duper Pinocchio Tool, a simple to follow step-by-step instructional manual and any other bits and pieces that you will need to complete the character on the box. 

Once complete, simply leave to dry overnight and then treasure your creations forever. An amazing creative Christmas gift for Children aged 4-12.

With 30 different box sets to choose from we are sure there is a perfect present for you, or perhaps for the family to get creative over the holidays. 

We recommend these kits for all ages 4+. 

JumpingCLAY Characteristics

  • Air Dries Naturally - no need to Bake
  • Colour Mixies Like Paint
  • Jasmine Scented
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic - SAFE
  • Gluten Free

Happy Modelling