9 Colour Kids Modelling Clay Kit & Jumping Bubbles Foam Clay & Kids 5-In-1 Tool BUNDLE Deal SAVING £3.31

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Make your own toys with our most popular Freestyle starter set - the 9 Colour Clay Set.
All of our freestyle clay sets provide some ideas to get you going but are designed to for you to unleash your own creativity and bring your imagination to life. The perfect gift for creative kids aged 4-12
Mix your own colours, create your masterpiece and once finished simply leave overnight to dry and then treasure your creation forever.  
The set contains all 9 of our extremely bright clay colours in their airtight and re-fillable tubs. There is also an illustrated instruction manual to get you started.
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  • 9x 30g air tight tubs (white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, violet)
  • 4x clay cutters

Don't forget to keep you airtight tubs. These can easily be refilled using with air drying clay refill sachets.

JumpingCLAY Characteristics

  • Air Dries Naturally - no need to Bake
  • Colours Mix Like Paint
  • Jasmine Scented
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic - SAFE
  • Gluten Free


 Jumping Bubbles Foam Clay 

Kids love the foamy texture and versatile possibilities of Jumping Bubbles. Perfect for adding effects to your models like water, grass, bubble bath etc...  The air dry bubble clay comes only in white but can be mixed with all the other clay colours. Jumping Bubbles are for ages 6+ only. 



5-In-1 Clay Modelling Tool

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