Colourful Fish - Kids Craft Kit - Make Your Own Toys


Create You Own Toy Fish with our latest step-by-step modelling craft kit.

The set includes enough air drying JumpingCLAY to create 2 characters, a Clown Fish and Pacific Blue Tang Fish. 

Follow the easy picture instructions and with our super soft air drying modelling clay bring your imagination to life, make your own toys and once dry treasure forever. 

This is an ideal gift for children, boys and girls alike, aged 4-10


  • 2x 18g Air Dry Clay Sachets (blue, orange)
  • 1x 10g Air Dry Clay Sachets (black)
  • 4 x 5g Air Dry Clay Sachets (2 x White, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Black)
  • 1x 5in1 Pinocchio Tool
  • 1x Picture Step-by-step instruction manual

JumpingCLAY Characteristics

  • Air Dries Naturally - no need to Bake
  • Colour Mixies Like Paint
  • Jasmine Scented
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic - SAFE
  • Gluten Free

Happy Modelling


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