ESKIMO - Glaciers Air Dry Modelling Kit


Make your own Eskimo and lean about the North and South Pole with out step-by-step Glaciers set! Following the simple step-by-step instructions you will create your eskimo, accessory pieces and do a 48 pieces puzzle that doubles as a set for your characters! Once made simply leave your creations overnight to air dry and you can play with them!
Get all 4 Glaciers Collection Products and create a big set for you characters!

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• 2 x 18g Clay Sachest (white)
• 3 x 5g Clay Sachets (orange, brown and black)
• 1 x 5in1 SuperDuper Pinocchio Tool
• 1 x Eskimo Curiosities Card
• 48 Pieces Puzzle
• Manual

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