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Triceratops | Dinosaur Air Drying Clay Modelling Kit | Make Your Own Toys

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Make your own toy Dimetrodon with the JumpingCLAY Dinosaur Series.

Following the simply step-by-step picture instructions you will create your own toy Dimetrodon. Each dinosaur modelling kit comes with a skeleton of the dinosaur that your will use as a frame to build the clay around. Including 3 different colours you will mix the others colours to create the different shades needed and decorate your Dino with stripes or spots. 

Once complete, simply leave your Dimetrodon to dry overnight and then treasure your creation forever. An amazing present for Children aged 4-12.

There are 6 different dinosaurs to collect in this amazing series of step-by-step modelling kits. Bring the Jurassic period to life in your home. The perfect craft activity for all the family, or for the kids to make on their own.  

Get 4 DINOs for £22, or Get all 6 for ONLY £30

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We recommend this kit for all ages 4+. 


  • 2x 10g Clay Sachets (white, brown)
  • 1x 18g Clay Sachets (yellow)
  • 1x 5-in-1 Super Duper Pinocchio Tool
  • 1x Plastic Dinosaur Skeleton
  • 1x Picture Step-by-step instruction manual

JumpingCLAY Characteristics

  • Air Dries Naturally - no need to Bake
  • Colour Mixies Like Paint
  • Jasmine Scented
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic - SAFE
  • Gluten Free

Happy Modelling


YouTube Tutorial - an extra helping hand


JumpingCLAY - Love Your Imagination